Interactive Fiction Fund guidelines


Welcome! Feeling the urge to tell a story? Maybe you want your audience to have some part in telling it? Wanna get paid for it? You’re in the right place.

These are the submission guidelines for pitching a piece of interactive fiction to The Interactive Fiction Fund (IFF).

We’re accepting pitches for October until September 28th. There are two criteria for judging pitches editors will use when deciding what piece(s) will be commissioned.

1.  How interesting is the idea?

2. How feasible is it to produce this idea within a month?

Your pitch should be straightforward. Sell us on your idea and then make us believe you can pull it off by telling us a bit about you. Tell us about your experience with IF or why this story means something  to you. If you have a 1-2 page preview of the project you’re proposing,  you can include it, but nothing longer than that.

Email your pitches to Pay is $50 for an accepted pitch that leads to a creation delivered by the deadline. The creator keeps the rights to their work and can do as they wish with it. They can sell it on an online marketplace or release it free on the internet. Patreon supporters get the game earlier than anyone else.

FAQ about pitches:

Q: What genres are off limits?

A: None. If your idea is interesting to the guest editor and I, it will be taken into consideration no matter the genre. Want to write an epic fantasy? Cool, tell us about it. A personal story that makes great use of the IF format? We want to hear about it.

Q: Are works limited to a particular format and engine, like text and Twine?

A: No. You can submit pitches for games to be made with development programs other than Twine. Text parser games, games made with RPG maker, and the like are all encouraged. Again, the prevailing criteria here: (1) Is the idea interesting? and (2)  can the creator pull it off within a month?

Q: Are implementing sounds and visuals into my IF creation allowed?

A: Sure. Go for it.

Guest Editor Guidelines

Each month we’ll have a new guest editor so that it’s not just me (Javy, hi, that’s me) picking submissions. Guest editors will be someone who has had some experience either writing IF or writing about IF. If this is you and you want to be a guest editor one month, send me an email:

Pay for guest editor is $20.

Note: If you wish to make a one time donation to IFF instead of donating via Patreon, you can do so here.

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