All Good Things

Hey everyone,

Javy here. It’s been a little over a year since The Interactive Fiction fund was created. The goal? To promote works of folks who wanted to make interactive fiction and to pay them for it. In that regard, I think the IFF was a success. It funded several works of interactive fiction by both established folks and up and coming writers.

Sadly, I must announce the IFF is closing. This is due to a number of factors:

1. With a new job and a handful of creative projects I’m working on right now, I don’t have the free time to devote to the IFF.

2. The Patreon hack last year exposed the fund’s supporters’  (thankfully encrypted) personal information, which is not fair to people who just wanted to support the continued existence of a creative form. The project understandably lost a few supporters after that and I just don’t have much faith in Patreon after the hack, not enough to ask people to continue to support the fund via that platform.

3. I could not find someone to take over the fund. This is understandable. It’s not an easy gig and it requires a lot of planning and time with no material reward.

4. There was a noticeable drop in pitches during the later months of last year.

5. With the various forms of interactive fiction popping up every week or so, I feel as though the need for the IFF isn’t particularly strong. People are making interesting interactive fiction everyday and more outlets are giving these works attention.

So, a little bit of a bummer, sure, but hey, the fund helped bring some cool pieces into existence and on the whole, interactive fiction is in a pretty good place overall.

However, this leaves some housekeeping. After some deliberation, I’ve decided that the  leftover funds from the IFF will go to Tory Hoke and their interactive fiction project, Sub-Q, a zine that has the same end goal the IFF had: pay interactive fiction writers. I’m retaining  $18 of the leftover funds to put toward the hosting for this site so that the gallery of creators’ works will be available at this location for at least another two years.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an email to and be sure to keep an eye on Sub-Q if you’re interested in the growth of interactive fiction.

Farewell and thanks for the support.