Interactive Fiction Fund Creations

Here you will find projects that were funded by The Interactive Fiction fund. Those that creators have made available to the public for playing/purchasing have hyperlinks. Those that are undergoing development do not but will be updated the moment they’re available.

1. Operating Systems  (January 2015)

Operating Systems

Creator: Tanya Short

Guest Editor: Lana Polansky

2.  Sombra Del Sol (February 2015)


Creators: Stuart Arias (writing & design) and Erandi Huipe (music)

Guest Editor: Jack De Quidt

3. Crossroads (March 2015)


Creator: Katriel Page

Guest Editor: Lillian Cohen-Moore

4. The Moon My Destination (April 2015)


Creator: Zachary Kay

Guest Editor: Meg Townsend

5.  Morning Rituals (May 2015)

Morning Rituals

Creator: Lucas J.W. Johnson

6. Never Go To Work (July 2015)

Never go to work

Creator: Rani Baker

Guest Editor: Jessie Wionzek

7. Postmodernist Trash (August 2015)

Postmodernist Trash

Creator: Ansh Patel

8. Water Through People (October 2015)

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.03.10 AM

Creator: Jane Riley

5 thoughts on “Interactive Fiction Fund Creations

  1. Could you consider having an offline-playable, downloadable .zip for these stories? If they’re simply Twine, it’s easy for me to download them, but a game that uses Unity is much tricker. I would very much like to download these stories. Thank you


    • Unfortunately, we don’t handle the distribution of these games. We provide funding and then the creator makes and distributes their creation.I’ll let future recipients know that a number of players/readers prefer a downloadable version, esp. for Unity. Thanks for your feedback!



  2. Also, why are some games – Sombra Del Sol, Crossroads, The Moon – not available to play? There is no link to a playable story. Is it by design or an oversight?


    • Hey Peter! Creators are allowed to do as they please with their creations after they’re funded. The three works you mentioned are being polished before being released to the public, I believe. The entries will be updated as soon as they’re available to play/purchase.


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